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DataTrace Data Loggers

Temperature Data Loggers

Some data loggers measure ambient temperature, as in a room or warehouse, while others are intended to measure temperature in processes that are much more extreme such as a lyophilization process or inside an autoclave. Processes reaching even higher temperatures (such as depyrogenation) are monitoring and recording with data loggers, but not all data loggers can monitor every process. DataTrace data loggers are engineered specifically for extreme environments such as steam, ethylene oxide and other various sterilization processes and chambers, heat tunnels, retorts, smokehouses, food processing and more.

Autoclaves/steam sterilization, retort sterilization, dry heat ovens and tunnels, curing processes, food pasteurization and several other processes rely on accurate temperature monitoring to ensure product/patient safety, product integrity and process reliability. Though critical to many applications, temperature data logging is not the only crucial parameter that DataTrace data loggers can be useful for.

Humidity Data Loggers

Humidity data loggers must be able to accurately record RH across the full humidity spectrum. Accuracy for humidity data logging is often of utmost importance as humidity can alter or negatively impact product, can be detrimental to equipment or materials, and can drastically alter the effectiveness of other processes.

In Ethylene Oxide sterilization processes for instance, there are a number of factors to monitor. Certainly levels of EO are important as well as the temperature inside of the process or vessel. Central to the effective delivery of an ethylene oxide insult, humidity must be monitored closely to ensure that the sterilization process is successful. Typical EO sterilization processes require humidity levels to be near 50%, while humidity levels near 30% may be low enough to cause process failure.

Pressure Data Loggers

Monitoring the pressure data from a canning, pouch or other food process is vital to ensure the safety of the items and the efficacy of the process. Pressure data loggers must be rugged to withstand the environment while remaining accurate enough to detect the even the smallest of variances when monitoring food processing, supply lines, and other various industrial applications.

DT Pro Software

A complete data logging system consists not only of high quality data loggers, but also incorporates software to collect, read, graph and report on the data after or, in the case of DataTrace RF, during the process itself. DT Pro gives the user the flexibility to fully customize reporting, data analysis and to program data loggers and logger groupings.