Justin joined Mesa’s Omaha Manufacturing Facility in 2006 and worked as the Technical Specialist before moving to Mesa’s Lakewood Facility as the DataTrace Product Manager. Justin is now a Sales Rep in the Biological Indicator department.

DataTrace Data Loggers for Temperature Pressure and Humidity

How to Monitor the Inside of a Can from the Outside

In order to get accurate readings from inside a can that will NOT allow for internal placement of a temperature data logger, here are the things you will need: DataTrace® MPIII Temperature Data Logger An awl (part #210279-002) – This will make a pilot hole for the C-11 can punch C-11 (part #210279-001 ) or C-12 (part #210279-003) Can…

DataTrace Pro Data Logging Software

3 Ways DataTrace® Pro (DT Pro) Helps You Achieve FDA 21 CFR Part 11 or GxP Compliancy

  DataTrace® data loggers are used with Mesa’s innovative DT Pro software which offers significant advantages to those in highly regulated industries. 1. Process control: DT Pro integrates smart security and regulatory capabilities including an audit trail log for all security levels, data encryption, electronic signatures, enhanced password protection and administrative security options. 2. Customized…